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Embrace The Body Image Movement

Embrace The Body Image Movement

I have Embraced.

I want to share the buzz!

In fact I first Embraced while in Fiji for an endota spa conference.  The irony is that I was skipping a conference session to stretch out on my hotel room bed because of back pain.  You see I survived a traumatic accident that left my body battered and my mind reeling for a very long time – actually about 2 years of hospital visits and that was after waking from the coma and enduring the hospital ward and rehabilitation facility admissions.  So sitting, standing or doing anything vertical for stretches of time is a little challenging.  But I’m grateful for the pain.  I’m alive!

In Fiji, bikini on, covered in kaftan, body stretched out, scarred legs raised on pillows, makeup covering facial scars and pain medication kicking in.

I flicked through the in room movies and saw Embrace the documentary.  My 10 year old daughter and 9 year old son were equally intrigued, the energy of Taryn Brumfit inspired us to have unchartered chats and challenged my own body shamed mindset.

The feelings I’d had about being judged because of my scars were there.  The shock from my children was there.  There was bewilderment from my children at how we’ve been socially adjusted to expect the unrealistic, and worse still that the idea of the unnatural body image is encouraged.  The invitation was there for all of us, to Embrace the Body Image Movement.

When I ask my children what they liked about the Embrace movie my daughter says “I was impressed that she told everybody to be themselves and to enjoy being fit and healthy instead of trying to be the right body size”.

Bring your friends, bring your family, this is a social and cultural shift we all need to Embrace together.

Cass Quinn speaking at Embrace screening in Balwyn, Victoria.



*Proceeds go to Lifeline.


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