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Follow the Dots story

…what’s our story?

when you follow the dots to thatonlineshop our mission is to take everything you love about a good old fashioned community street or neighbourhood centre and deliver it to you with the convenience of online ordering.

you know, the type of shop that has plenty of carefully selected products, a style and a service offering you can trust – the helpful person behind the counter that you can rely on to give you honest information, put their hand on just the thing you need, and then offer to wrap it for you as well…the good old customer service ‘shop assistant’ that makes getting through your shopping list a less stressful and much more pleasant experience.

that’s why we say follow the dots… we want it to be as easy as dot to dot… safe, sustainable, savvy…simple really!! unlike many other online shopping sites we are not just a web platform sending your requests to a supplier in another location for them to manage your shopping or answer your queries.

we are all about quality control.  we buy and hold our stock, and create our product descriptions based on our own tactile experiences with our products. so we’ve got it all here to wrap, pack and send off to you without any delay. when you need to talk about your shopping choices you talk directly to us. we hold the products in our efficient little hands and manage your requests according to our own high standards so that we’re in complete control of making your ‘follow the dots’ experience as reliable as if you’d gone into that online ahop and met with our shop assistants personally.

we believe that giving and receiving is an important part of communication in our families and communities. whether it’s receiving some bits and pieces for your home or wardrobe or if it’s giving a gift to one of the people who share your world – it doesn’t need to be time costly and involve busy shopping strips. at thatonlineshop we offer a simple service.  we make product choices and do the running around for you so that you can save your time.  we’d like you to get outside, sit under a tree, find pictures in the clouds, talk to a friend, do some gardening, take the kids to the park, immerse yourself in slow cooking, with a glass of wine in hand… these are the things we’d rather you do instead of draining your brain thinking about gift shopping.

we’re making ecommerce work for us and our customers, to allow us all more time to enjoy the simple things in life.  we’re inspired by creative solutions for better living and hope to make your life a little easier by doing the product research and making the choices simple for you – our respected customers.

the 3 R’s are embedded in the way we live our lives and choose to influence others.  we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle.  we also value respect –  we only work with supplliers that share our philosophy of respect for others, respect for the environment and respect for self.  every choice we make in selecting products for thatonlineshop, developing our brand and communicating with our world is based on these R’s.  recycled paper and packaging – you wont find any highly manufactured, processed, bleached, dyed plastic wrap or coated cardboard in a parcel that we deliver.  we recylce all of our packaging as much as possible and use bio degradable bubble wrap,  a carbon neutral greeting card stationary supplier, and only stock products that have a useful life and an ethical source.  

we owe thanks to our parents and families for developing our respect of nature, our land and the R’s – without their influence we wouldn’t share our choices and offer this service to you.  we look forward to providing you with the service and respect that you – our savvy customers – deserve.

hopefully you find the R’s as helpful and motivating as we do.  please enjoy browsing our creative solutions for better living.

thank you for following the dots and we welcome you to our shop, we’re here to help.

the team and thatonlineshop…follow the dots

find out more about us on our blog page and read the back stories of why we’re motivated to make thatonlineshop as simple as following the dots to create a bigger picture