Wellbeing Counselling + Goals with Soul


Wellbeing Counselling + Goals with Soul


Your first 45-60 min session with me will be all about you.  I’ll help you get clarity around what isn’t working for you and what you want to be able to do to feel better in your life.

Its your time.  You can cry.  We can laugh. We can put pen to paper.  Set goals.  Discuss how you feel.  Create a program to help you feel better, or try some mindful techniques to give you some space to connect with your own intuition on a more regular basis.

This is not clinical counselling.  This is non threatening, compassionate discussion that hopefully gives you some tools to improve the way you feel in your life.

I am accredited as a MHFA instructor, Desire Map facilitator and a life student of people, law, philosophy, positive psychology and wellbeing counselling.

Sessions can be conducted in Eltham, Kew or Camberwell.

Please email me with booking queries cass@thatonlineshop.com.au

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Need to talk but not sure who to?  Don’t want to go down the clinical path just yet but feel that you could do with some help working out how you feel?

We can talk about that! We can create the plan of action that works for you, based on what you want to feel in your life.  No text book psychology (though I will confess there’s some on file in my memory) and no judgement.  Your time with me is your time to talk about or let me help you with whatever you feel could be better or needs to change.  Simple!

Desire Mapping Goals + Wellbeing coach/Workshop Facilitator
Desire Map Goals + Wellbeing Coach/Workshop Facilitator
Cass Quinn Profile
Cass Quinn Profile

⇒ $70 for 45/60 min session

Enquire cass@thatonlineshop.com.au


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