The Desire Map Book + Workbook Audio


The Desire Map Book + Workbook Audio

This is the stuff you need to hear right here; when you’re stuck in traffic, can’t sleep at night, headphones on and strolling the streets in search of your answers, or because walking is your meditation and you like to bring a friend along to guide you through those tricky questions.

What do I really want?

How would I like my life to feel in every aspect; while I’m cooking, parenting, working, socialising, helping with my family, choosing a new path to excite me.  How do I want to feel at all those times, in each different area of my life?

Bibrant.  Healthy.  Calm.  Cheerful.  Determined. Self loving.  Sexy.  Loving.  Friendly.  Useful.


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Click through the image of The Desire Map Audio Sessions to be redirected to Danielle LaPorte’s site where you can order all the soul speaking lightguiding problem solving deliciousness you’d like.  The deliciousness in the audio comes from Danielle’s soft poetic voice, calming you while talking directly into your heart to fire up those answers to the burning questions you’ve been unsure of for too long now.

Order away my dear friends and life lovers;

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